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I experiment while making comics.

my comics are available for purchase through my storenvy site and Quimby's bookstore in Chicago

puffy coat - 2019

puffy coat is based on an experience I had at the Eyeworks Experimental Animation Festival. The comic is a 29 page, 2 color Risograph. Each copy is hand printed and assembled by the artist. 7" x 6.875"
View some pages here.

Ufology - 2019

A leporello (accorion fold) book inspired by Mike Kelley. The book is a 16 page, 2 color Risograph, and the full image extends ten feet. Each copy is lovingly hand printed and assembled by the artist. 7" x 6.875"
View some pages here.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable - 2018

The 16 double-page spreads of this experimental comic, a combination of paintings and drawings, tell a story of adventure and romance. The book is a 7 color Risograph, each copy lovingly hand printed and assembled by the artist. 6.25" x 7.875"
View some pages here.

body magik - 2017

A 2-color art comic book, hand-crafted and Risographed. It tells the story of a small group of friends who explore the future of personal body identity. 24 pages, 7.5" x 10"
View some pages here.

Happy Trails - 2016

A 3-color experimental comic book/flip book, hand-crafted and Risographed. Read the story page-by-page as a comic, and also view the pages as flip book animations from both sides. The story follows three public servants as they work to make life better for the people. 112 pages, 5" x 3.75"
View some pages and a video here.

Supermodel - 2015

A 3-color hand-crafted and Risographed experimental comic book .  The sequence of juxtaposed drawings, shapes, and colors captures the internal evolution of a culturally transcendent supermodel–from confused adolescence, to jet set celebrity, to enlightenment.
View some pages here.

dogdream - 2015

A 14 page Risograph comic that tells the story of one dog's dream.
View some pages here.

The Star Spangled Angel - 2014
View some pages here.

RIP - 2013
A time travel story. View some pages here.

Parfrey's Glen - 2013
On August 8th, 2006 I began a series of drawings at Parfrey's Glen, a natural formation near Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. I set out to replicate the action of a motion picture camera moving at a glacial pace - I drew a picture of the landscape, then slightly changed my position and framing. Each of the 31 drawings took 1 to 3 hours, over a period of 13 days.

View the entire book here.

The Hound & The Musch - 2012
Edie Fake described it : "Untethered from syntax in a cigar roll sunset scratch, Scott Roberts' Grimm adaptation is a Humpty Dumpty hole-in-the-bucket story with an alarmingly high body count."
It can be purchased from/at Quimby's

Read the entire story online here.


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